Welcome to the portfolio of Laurenz L. Andritz. Here You will see a selection of recent commercial and private projects

recent projects:

Auchan Dome

Geometry, Production data for several Facade-Elements



Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Freelance 3D-Construktion work for se-austria –>

Emerging Particles

Exhibition at the EEG – essential existence gallery; as a contribution to “Utopia Attraktor”. (more…)

KAPSARC Facade elements

Freelance 3D-Construktion work for seele austria →

Hans Schabus – The Last Land

art project for Hans Schabus, Biennale Venedig, 2005
wooden mountain-shaped structure
Carpenter: Franz Ritzer
form finding, construction plans

Photo by Bruno Klomfar (more…)

Circle divisions

based on n-fold rhombs and triangles.


substitution of transformation

printed on alucoubond, 125x80xm


This principle yields aperiodic structures in any dimension. To get the insight into the spatial structures, they are designed as fractals.




plan drawings for a kinetic sculpture pointing towards the sun (more…)

baroque patterns

opulent bandings, sumptuous ornaments



12 identic pentagons, locking one another