Projects with focus on complex CAD

wooden Roof

Automatized 3D Detail-Planning and production data for a wooden roof construction
Client: Wiehag GmbH, 2015
Completion: 2017 (estimated)





210-faced ball

Ball of 210 polygons 3D printed plastic elements in 5 colors.
The pattern and assembly are similar to the Paper Lantern

210-flächige Kuppel (more…)

the Knot

kinetic skulpture in collaboration with Hannes Neubauer

Auchan Dome

Geometry, Production data for several Facade-Elements



KAPSARC Facade elements

Freelance 3D-Construktion work for seele austria →

Hans Schabus – The Last Land

art project for Hans Schabus, Biennale Venedig, 2005
wooden mountain-shaped structure
Carpenter: Franz Ritzer
form finding, construction plans

Photo by Bruno Klomfar (more…)

Organismus Filigran

generation of a Voronoi-Grid made up from steel rings
Skulpture design by David Mannstein + Maria Vill →
Percent-for-Art-competition, Charité, Berlin 2012

Visualisation: David Mannstein


Competition Leipzig 2008 (more…)

“Birds nest” EYBL

Façade covering made from aluminium profiles for a sports market in Vösendorf, Austria
tasks: automatic captures of processing data, construction drawings, curvature
client: F.O.B. →

Sporthaus EYBL Frontansicht (more…)


plan drawings for a kinetic sculpture pointing towards the sun (more…)


sculptur competition in collaboration with Hannes Neubauer


spatial aperiodic structures

Spatial grids and fractals in 3D-space.


excentric wheel

excentric wire wheel (more…)


12 identic pentagons, locking one another



Meshwork from 6 closed strings



Chain Grid

Space grids from interconnected rings. (more…)

Paper lantern

Paper Lantern, made from 810 individual parts (more…)

soccer balls

various geometric variations of soccer balls made from pentagons and hexagons (more…)

60-faced Polyeder

Polyhedrons consisting of 60 equal faces. (more…)

Tea Tower

sculpture for the architektural symposium changing strategies 2005 (more…)