An extending collection of laminar and spatial aperiodic patterns

Substitution rules for several tilings are published here.

210-faced ball

Ball of 210 polygons 3D printed plastic elements in 5 colors.
The pattern and assembly are similar to the Paper Lantern

210-flächige Kuppel (more…)

Emerging Particles

Exhibition at the EEG – essential existence gallery; as a contribution to “Utopia Attraktor”. (more…)

Circle divisions

based on n-fold rhombs and triangles.


substitution of transformation

printed on alucoubond, 125x80xm

baroque patterns

opulent bandings, sumptuous ornaments



Substitution tilings with rhombs in 5-fold an 6-fold symmetries



Interpretation of rural elements


classic cool

an ageless and pure theme in high contrast (more…)


A collection of self-similar themes. The underlying grids are based on 60° and 90°



Iterative subdivision of a sphere consisting of rhombs (see here). The rhombs (more…)

all rotations

Themes with elements pointing to infinitely many directions, based on the pinwheel-pattern.


Oriental patterns

Collection of aperiodic Ornaments (more…)


Zoom ride into a self-similar pattern.


Single-cell-looking creatures


Paper lantern

Paper Lantern, made from 810 individual parts (more…)

cerebral squared

Themes based on a square-grid


multiple orthogonal grids

Themes interfering between multiple grids



This principle yields aperiodic structures in any dimension. To get the insight into the spatial structures, they are designed as fractals.



Mind the Gap

Substitution tilings based on geometrically similar rectangles of different sizes. In all these themes the substitution follows the same rules, despite specific parameters are changed.