wooden Roof

Automatized 3D Detail-Planning and production data for a wooden roof construction
Client: Wiehag GmbH, 2015
Completion: 2017 (estimated)




The roof geometry can be described as a free-form derived from a 57 by 207 meter barrel vault with a pitch of 2 meters, from which 5 domes with heights of 9 m (1 pc) and 6 m (4 pcs) are morphed. This results in a substantial number of different geometries for the individual components.

A tubular steel frame is set as the primary structure on site. Connected is a square grid of Wooden beams with a grid length of 3m, which serves as the base for three- and four-cornered roof elements. These roof elements will carry a green roof.

The support grid is made up of a total of 1798 beams of different construction and complexity. Due to symmetries and repetitions in the roof geometry, the number of different beam shapes is reduced to 742 pieces.

Each beam is pre-assembled from up to 41 individual individual elements (connecting parts, cladding elements, wooden blocks, etc.) and up to 484 fastening elements (screws, dowels, etc.). Each element is documented in a list. The supporting structure consists of a total of 262,756 recorded components and weighs 810 tons.

In addition to the production data of each carrier, plans and production data for the individual components were also created automatically: 1,092 steel parts (steel beams, connecting plates, mounting angles, etc.), 2,121 wooden blocks, 2,365 veneer laminated panels.


The core element of each beam is a gluelam-binder which has been worked out from laminated wood lamellas glued in a press bed. For each carrier, the press bed data as well as the processing data for the binding machine (bvx files for Hundegger PBA) were created automatically.


2,160 triangular and 231 square roof elements form the roof surface; standard parts and connecting elements sum up to a total of 124,559 registered components with a total weight of 533 tons. As in the case of carriers, the number of individual elements is reduced: 1,052 different data sets were created for the element processing machine (Weinmann WMS). In addition, production data were required for 8,956 individual components (beams and plates, bvx, bvn and bv for K2 and PBA, all Hundegger).


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