Roof Tesco Heart


Roof construction of Tesco heart in Welwyn Garden / UK
Detail planning, optimizations, production data
for Wiehag GmbH, 2017
Architecture: LOM architecture and design
Completion: 2018 (more…)

wooden Roof

Automatized 3D Detail-Planning and production data for a wooden roof construction
Client: Wiehag GmbH, 2015
Completion: 2017 (estimated)





Hans Schabus – The Last Land

art project for Hans Schabus, Biennale Venedig, 2005
wooden mountain-shaped structure
Carpenter: Franz Ritzer
form finding, construction plans

Photo by Bruno Klomfar (more…)

Organismus Filigran

generation of a Voronoi-Grid made up from steel rings
Skulpture design by David Mannstein + Maria Vill →
Percent-for-Art-competition, Charité, Berlin 2012

Visualisation: David Mannstein

“Birds nest” EYBL

Façade covering made from aluminium profiles for a sports market in Vösendorf, Austria
tasks: automatic captures of processing data, construction drawings, curvature
client: F.O.B. →

Sporthaus EYBL Frontansicht (more…)

Klein Bottles

Experiments with non-orientable surfaces

2 kleinsche Flaschen ineinander verschränkt (more…)