parametric construction

parametric construction

210-faced ball

Ball of 210 polygons 3D printed plastic elements in 5 colors.
The pattern and assembly are similar to the Paper Lantern

210-flächige Kuppel (more…)

the Knot

kinetic skulpture in collaboration with Hannes Neubauer

Auchan Dome

Geometry, Production data for several Facade-Elements



Organismus Filigran

generation of a Voronoi-Grid made up from steel rings
Skulpture design by David Mannstein + Maria Vill →
Percent-for-Art-competition, Charité, Berlin 2012

Visualisation: David Mannstein

substitution of transformation

printed on alucoubond, 125x80xm

excentric wheel

excentric wire wheel (more…)


12 identic pentagons, locking one another



Meshwork from 6 closed strings



DIsco Ball

Simulation of glistering balls (more…)