the Knot

kinetic skulpture in collaboration with Hannes Neubauer

Hans Schabus – The Last Land

art project for Hans Schabus, Biennale Venedig, 2005
wooden mountain-shaped structure
Carpenter: Franz Ritzer
form finding, construction plans

Photo by Bruno Klomfar (more…)

Organismus Filigran

generation of a Voronoi-Grid made up from steel rings
Skulpture design by David Mannstein + Maria Vill →
Percent-for-Art-competition, Charité, Berlin 2012

Visualisation: David Mannstein

spatial aperiodic structures

Spatial grids and fractals in 3D-space.



plan drawings for a kinetic sculpture pointing towards the sun (more…)


sculptur competition in collaboration with Hannes Neubauer


Paper lantern

Paper Lantern, made from 810 individual parts (more…)

Tea Tower

sculpture for the architektural symposium changing strategies 2005 (more…)