We are specialized in gordian geometry and offer:
– parametric 3D-modelling
– automatized Construction
– and everything around it (processes, lists, data)
Structured proceedings enable efficient and effective project processing.


relief parliament vienna

Installation in the visitor gallery above the National Council meeting room in the Vienna Parliament
competition and detail planning
Geometry, programming and manufacturing data
Design: Peter Sandbichler
Production: SFK Tischler GmbH
Completion: 12/2022


Saarbruecken Memorial

Competition and Construction of a memorial in Saarbrücken
Design: David Mannstein und Maria Vill
Structural analysis: Martin Neubauer
Production: Kratzer Metallbau


St George College Freeform Roof

Client: WIEHAG GmbH, 2018 (more…)

Relief Arch University of Innsbruck

Parametrically created components for the concrete formwork of a relief
Design: Peter Sandbichler
Production: SFK Tischler GmbH
Project: University of Innsbruck
Architect: mohr architekten
Completion of the arch: 05/2021


Automatized Production-data for faćade-Elements (APE)

APE is a collection of tools to create façade designs for ventilated curtain walls.


CAD curves of façade surfaces, window openings and the joint grid are used to calculate the geometries of the individual panels together with the associated substructure. AFFE is designed for orthogonal as well as oblique and round geometries. (more…)

Roof of Macallan Distillery

Automatized 3D Detail-Planning and production data for a wooden roof construction
architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partner
Client: Wiehag GmbH, 2015
Completion: 2018 (estimated)

Macallan Animation Aufbau

Macallan abschnittsweise Errichtung
Foto: Wiehag GmbH

The roof geometry can be described as a free-form (more…)

Facade Elements East Side Shopping Mall Berlin



the Knot

kinetic skulpture and static prototype in collaboration with Hannes Neubauer


Emerging Particles

Exhibition at the EEG – essential existence gallery; as a contribution to “Utopia Attraktor”. (more…)

Auchan Dome

Geometry, Production data for several Facade-Elements, APPLE



Hans Schabus – The Last Land

art project for Hans Schabus, Biennale Venedig, 2005
wooden mountain-shaped structure
Carpenter: Franz Ritzer
form finding, construction plans

Photo by Bruno Klomfar (more…)

210-faced ball

Ball of 210 polygons 3D printed plastic elements in 5 colors.
The pattern and assembly are similar to the Paper Lantern

210-flächige Kuppel (more…)


plan drawings for a kinetic sculpture pointing towards the sun
located in Bayreuth, Germany.
Idea and realisation: Hannes Neubauer →

Indikator Skulptur at Inauguration

KAPSARC Facade elements

Freelance 3D-Construktion work for seele austria →

spatial aperiodic structures

Spatial grids and fractals in 3D-space.



12 identic pentagons, locking one another



substitution of transformation

printed on alucoubond, 125x80xm

soccer balls

various geometric variations of soccer balls made from pentagons and hexagons (more…)


This principle yields aperiodic structures in any dimension. To get the insight into the spatial structures, they are designed as fractals.