Automatized Production-data for faćade-Elements (APE)

APE is a collection of tools to create façade designs for ventilated curtain walls.


CAD curves of façade surfaces, window openings and the joint grid are used to calculate the geometries of the individual panels together with the associated substructure. AFFE is designed for orthogonal as well as oblique and round geometries.


APE was originally conceived as a calculation tool and has developed into a system for digital process support for facades. In the meantime, a wide variety of special cases can be mapped during planning, including the complete planning of the substructure including static and thermal verifications. The natural dimensions of the finished substructure of the construction site can be entered in a list with measured values, whereupon the planning is automatically adjusted to these natural dimensions.

Another field of application is the automated creation of developments and manufacturing data for cassette facades…




… both in standard design and for any geometries.



In the meantime, the experimental stage has been completed and the first projects have been implemented. More information under

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