Automatized Production-data for Parts in Lightweight-ETFE_cushions (APPLE)

APPLE is a collection of Grasshopper modules for efficient and client-oriented execution planning of ETFE pillow profiles. The client provides 3D profile center axes, information on the normal direction of the profile pieces and cross sections of the profile systems used. Numerical values such as gap dimensions, distances, etc. are grouped together according to components in a spreadsheet that can comfortably be checked and modified.


The following components are calculated: uprights, channel profile, base profile, welt strips, cover profiles. For certain fields (e.g. border elements), alternative cross sections may be defined. Miter cuts at intersections are calculated automatically, identical parts are detected. The profile normal direction can be specified by areas, between adjacent areas the course of the normal direction is interpolated. This makes it easy to produce even node connections (without torsion).


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