conceptual design, creation and post-production of computer-generated images.

  • Technical drawings and aesthetical pictures
  • Renderings, visualisations, light-simulations, n
  • photo compositions, moody illustrations
  • presentation content, competitions


Competition Leipzig 2008, schulz und schulz architekten gmbh (more…)

DIsco Ball

Simulation of glistering balls


Klein Bottles

Experiments with non-orientable surfaces

2 kleinsche Flaschen ineinander verschränkt (more…)


self-similar 3D-structure



light simulation for Arge Koppensteiner–Andritz, vienna

Empfangsraum bc-holding

vienna bath ship

Visualisations for Franz Ritzer, carpenter (more…)

Visualisations for Gunda Foerster

Visualisations for design competitions for Gunda Foerster, Berlin


PORTA-Markt Leipzig

Visualisations for Weis und Volkmann Architects, Leipzig, Germany


Visualisations for schulz & schulz architects

visualisations for projects and competitions (more…)

Roof Garden

Simulation of a savaged green roof (more…)

Underground railway station

visualisation from my master thesis (more…)