For recurring tasks, it may significantly increase efficiency to develop automated processes for processing standardized input data. This allows the entire range of output data (lists, plans, machine data) to be generated for different projects with a minimum of manual processing.

Automatized Production-data for faćade-Elements (APE)

APE is a collection of tools to create façade designs for ventilated curtain walls.


CAD curves of façade surfaces, window openings and the joint grid are used to calculate the geometries of the individual panels together with the associated substructure. AFFE is designed for orthogonal as well as oblique and round geometries. (more…)

universal timber-engineering modules

UTEM is a method to plan complex timber structures made from many different parts. The customer delivers CAD files, lead details and parameters that are imported into a database. From this database, lists, plans, and machine control data are automatically created. Changes in the database directly affect the output data; These are therefore always up to date.

UTEM has the following targets:
– Automation: any number of individual parts can be handled
– Consistent data: Plans, lists and manufacturing data are generated from a single data pool.
– Convenience for clients: Project parameters (material information, minimum distances, production parameters, …) are collected in a spreadsheet and can therefore be easily checked or modified.
– Easy assembly: automatic numbering and position markings

UTEM (more…)

Automatized Production-data for Parts in Lightweight-ETFE_cushions (APPLE)

APPLE is a collection of Grasshopper modules for efficient and client-oriented execution planning of ETFE pillow profiles. The client provides 3D profile center axes, information on the normal direction of the profile pieces and cross sections of the profile systems used. Numerical values such as gap dimensions, distances, etc. are grouped together according to components in a spreadsheet that can comfortably be checked and modified.


The following components are calculated: uprights, channel profile, base profile, welt strips, cover profiles. (more…)