Parametric engineering has no limits
– we neither.

Freeforms and non-standard geometries in construction bind resources in planning. Innumerable components must be individually designed and machine data generated for machine tools. The cost-effective automation of these processes is our service.

We manage extensive libraries for the digital handling of spatial tasks, which enable us to make the supposedly incomprehensible ultimately tangible. By linking simple basic geometric operations, you can create the most complex parts based on any parameter. Through our sophisticated workflow in automated design, we can directly incorporate any changes that occur. For the cooperation with the customers, this means the accompaniment of an exclusive and accurate planning process – customized custom work.

You have an idea for an automation process, a specific project, or a relevant section of it, bringing us free fantasy drawings or a finished plan. We harmonize geometric and technical requirements.
Your project should take shape now? We convert complex geometries into executable manufacturing formats for your production machines, with all the required data of the components: plans, lists, overview graphics and much more.

Our claim is to find the most flexible solution with the highest possible precision for your final development process. see also: UTEM


Our main focuses are:

  • Translation of gordian geometries generated by architects and artists to the manufacturers requirements
  • designing self-similar, aperiodic and irregular structures and patterns
  • Generation of plans, lists and calculations for complex sshapes in the building engineering sector
  • parametric and automatized CAD-working with Rhino® Grasshopper®
  • Renderings, visualisations, photo compositions, graphical patterns, artwork

Laurenz Andritz, Engineer

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  • 1996: Federal Higher Technical Institute for Mechanical Engineering, Vienna
  • 1999-2007: Employee and Freelancer as a design draftsman, working for miscellaneous artists and architects
  • 2007: Master Degree in architecture at Vienna University of Technology
  • went to Leipzig in 2007
  • 2007-2010: Architect at schulz & schulz architekten gmbh, Leipzig