Relief Arch University of Innsbruck

Parametrically created components for the concrete formwork of a relief
Design: Peter Sandbichler
Production: SFK Tischler GmbH
Project: University of Innsbruck
Architect: mohr architekten
Completion of the arch: 05/2021

192 individual formwork units were assembled from a total of 920 individual panels
for attaching to position plates
plus 183 spacers for mounting the position plates
various special elements for light installation

The challenge in the construction is the link of the geometry between the 3D model and 2D development of the elliptical-conical shape.

The individual panels were manufactured on a 5-axis milling machine

The precise placement of the positioning plates was carried out by cross-shaped spacers.

The formwork bodies were placed on the positioning plates and all joints were sealed.

After installing the reinforcement, the mold was ready to be cast.

photo: Günter Richard Wett; with kind approval

photo: Günter Richard Wett; with kind approval

The precision in the manufacturing of the formwork can be sensed on the finished cast. The components joined the basic formwork without any gaps and could be attached to the position plates without any reworking or modification.

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